Why MicroInfluencers Are Important for Your Brand

With more people than ever turning towards Social Influencers for the latest recommendations, Influencers have became the perfect platform for engaging with your target audience.

Why are Influencers so effective?

  • Influencers have engaged, loyal followings with real focus, making them strategically a perfect platform for targeting your niche.
  • Studies have shown that 82% of consumers are highly likely to follow a recommendation made by an influencer, with nearly 40% of Twitter users making a purchase as a direct result of a Tweet from an influencer. 
  • Influencers provide a great opportunity to produce authentic and engaging content to promote your product or service. 

Engagement vs. Following

When working with social influencers, instead of looking at their numbers, engagement levels tend to be a better indicator of how the campaign will perform overall. 

This is because whilst an influencer might appear to have a massive following and therefore reach, the amount of people who are actually interacting with their content could be a lot lower.

This is usually due to one the following reasons:

  • The Influencer may have had a one off viral video, attracting numerous followers who have not engaged with their other content.
  • Larger influencers tend to attract more bots to their accounts.
  • The influencer has generated 'false growth' from activities such as hosting competitions, increasing their following but not their engagement across their platforms. 

The Rise of the Micro Influencer 

Another factor to consider is that whilst working with influencers is a great idea for your marketing strategy, those with high numbers are typically represented by agents who sometimes charge large fees for access to their channels.

However studies have actually shown that influencers with small or mid-level followings tend to have better rates of engagement than those with larger followings, with influencers in the 1k-100k bracketing being most effective. 

Fetch Friends works to form close relationships with influencers within this bracket of 1k-100k followers. This includes inviting them to screenings, providing gifts and being actively involved in the blogger communities, ensuring when we work with Influencers on campaigns we provide great value, interesting concepts and great engagement levels.
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