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We’re Called Fetch Friends For A Reason!

First and foremost we’re a friendly and supportive network of bloggers and social influencers. Amongst us are social influencers combined with experienced PR people who have worked with online pioneers since the days of dial-up internet. So we know the thought you put into what you do, we respect your interests, we’re excited to help you grow and protect what makes you special to your followers

We Work With Brands Big And Small

We work with brands of all shapes and sizes to help them find friends amongst social influencers. Join our community and we’ll match you up with products to try, experiences to have and more. It’ll only work if we’ve done our homework and we’re keen that both you and the brand benefit and grow.

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We’ve got an ever-evolving platform so that when we invite you to take part in upcoming opportunities you can simply log in, sign up and get everything you need. We’re currently implementing a big new upgrade to make it super simple and we have exciting plans for the future.

We Work With Influencers Big And Small

We work with many different blog genres and platforms, whether you are an Instagram maverick, Youtuber, snapchatter, tweeter, blogger or yet to be created platform!...

What Have Influencers Had From Fetch Friends?

Past hand-picked opportunities have ranged from great competitions, to bespoke tours of London ending in a West End perfume launch, amazing media drops, films to watch, premieres, events and much more.

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